Earth Day Plastic Free Ames TX Campus

Watergen has an Earth Day Plastic Free Campus Solution for Ames TX

Ames TX Campus Plastic Debris

It's a grat idea to make our Ames TX campus plastic free. But what exactly does that mean about plastic drinking water bottles? What about the polution? According to a study by Science Advances: "the Arctic Ocean was extensively sampled for floating plastic debris from the Tara Oceans circumpolar expedition. ...plastic debris reached high concentrations in the northernmost and easternmost areas of the Greenland and Barents seas. The ... aged debris ...originated from distant sources." (1) That sounds like plastic water bottles from our Ames TX campus can end up in the ocean.

Plastic Free Ames TX Campus

How about we just STOP buying water in plastic water bottles? Well..."anytime the availability of single-use plastics is reduced, and a new system is installed, it is essential to consider how this will affect accessibility for all populations. ... For example, without proper preparation and alternatives, eliminating vending machines may have a negative impact on student food security." (2) So, is there  a good solution for keeping plastic water bottle off our Ames TX campus? Yes there is!

Ames TX Plastic Free Campus Solution

Switch from Plastic Water Bottles to Air! That's correct, campuses can get pure drinking water right from the air! An alternative to buying plastic gallons of drinking water in Ames TX. You won't need to get bottled water delivered to your campus in Ames TX. Watergen creates a renewable supply of clean drinking water without the waste of plastic water bottles or the trouble of ordering bottled delivery, or the effort of hauling plastic bottles from across Ames TX.


"Watergen President Mirilashvili, says: “There was once a time in our not so distant history, when smoke alarms and color TVs were considered extra bells and whistles in households. This is how we envision our atmospheric water generator and its application for at-home use.”

“We have cracked the code on solving a real ecological issue, economic issue and functional issue, for real people using the best engineering and science, not fiction,” he added.


Units built in the USA by Watergen use a patented technology that turns Ames TX air into drinking water. They are launching an at-home appliance (for Ames TX residents) that is believed will drastically change the water consumption industry.

Ames TX

Watergen’s ability to deliver cost effective and commercially available bottled water alternative for Ames TX that generate fresh pure water directly from the Ames TX air, at prices that are up to 10 times cheaper than local Ames TX filtered well water (at developing world prices), is a true game changer for Ames TX businesses, schools and homes.

Watergen’s technology facilitates the generation of clean, safe, drinking water for under ~2₵ per liter. For the first time, making water from Ames TX air is a true economic reality, generated 24/7/365, and commercially available for everyone across Ames TX.



Watergen: an Alternative to Ames TX Bottled Water:

By continuously generating water from air rather than depletes local water sources it helps protect the Ames TX environment with lower plastic water bottle usage and reduces health impacts from microplastics - a true healthy alternative to Ames TX bottled water. In other words, by creating water from the Ames TX air rather than buying bottled water, you reduce plastic water bottle usage that is at the heart of Ames TX pollution and waste.

Plastic Free Ames TX Campus

Self-sustaining, renewable fresh clean drinking water in Ames TX from the air.


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